Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Two new skectches from the Inos sketchbook

The top small sketch for God Emperor of Dune was based on a description of a audience that took place in the underground fortress in the city Onn. The composition of the sketch was inspired by Japanese prints that quite often use the birds-eye-view perspective and my own experience in the ancient palace in Kyoto. I decided to minimize the size of Leto II in the sketch and make him a part of the environment. The God Emperor is particularly hard to illustrate, it's hard not to make him look like a turd with a head. Artists have shown Leto II in a variety of ways, my addition was to fully incorporate him into the royal carriage, as called in the book.
Lastly, I gave him a mask, I thought it would cater to the idea of ceremony and divine status.
The sketch below is a study for another ink called "The Lovers."

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