Thursday, August 2, 2007

Evolution of Incubator

Incubator originally was based on an earlier ink, called Embalmer. (see older posts) I changed the design, especially the legs, and continued to evolve the arm that holds the brain- very much to my satisfaction. Also, in the new ink there is a fundamental difference in my approach to light. I would like to think of it as an improvement. I no longer approach the ink in terms of light and shadow, instead it's foreground and background. The light is still there but its absolutely simplified to cater more to the graphic aspect. At this point, I do acknowledge that I have bestowed upon myself a sort of orthodoxy. Example: I use no brushes. I feel that will have to change.
One of my inks also got on the Juxtapoz website, on there last week. (which was nice) In the past months I had mixed feelings about my ink work. I invest a lot of energy into this stuff, and it's nice to know somebody appreciates it.

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