Friday, November 2, 2007

Drawings from work

If I have a moment I like to draw on my job. And a moment is really as mnuch time as I have- between the customers and all.
I highly recommend the movie CONTROL, about the late singer of Joy Division.


PSM said...

I absolutely love Joy Division. "She Lost Control" is one of my 10 ten songs of all time. Is that movie "Control" in places such as Blockbuster or is it a tad bit more obscure?

PSM said...

Thank you for the information about the "Control" movie. I have a very extensive collection of live performance DVD's, but I can't find anything for Joy Division. I can't wait to see the movie. My wife checked Amazon UK; the DVD will be released in February of 2008.

I've been tossing about your comment. I have to agree about the compression issue. Obviously, I write brief pieces, but I'm doubting how I worded the ending. It all needs to be there, but something ain't quite right. I'll figure it out.

Regradless, it is a personal favorite. I have no idea where the hell it came from, but it flowed out of me rather easily. I guess a psychiatrist would have fun reading my Blog; I'm sure someone would try to commit me.

Well, your work might encourage a psychiatrist to commit you as well. We must be normal. No bad thoughts. No deviation from the norm.

Take care Jumping Spider,


PSM said...

I tweaked the piece. Thank you for your honest assessment.


The Dollar Kidd said...

The old man in front of the store really stands out to me.
He seems whimsical Like Doc...

I like just the drawing on napkin idea in general. Scratching down thoughts in either word or illustration anywhere.


Carlinha said...

You just gotta keep those moments that you have in drawing...
They are fantastic!!!