Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sketch for Argus

This is the latest of my sketches on Argus. The idea of a man covered in eyes appealed to me very much since for the past year I've been a bit of a schizo. (World getting to me and all and having had too much of everything.) Also, the symbol on the building in the background has a double meaning for me. On one hand it represents Neptune, the person, which stands for the state of comatose or schizophrenia- a state of total confusion; or the planet that represents the subconscious or depression and neurosis. Basically bringing on mental illness. Secondly, it's a tip of the hat to a comic series that I grew up on in Europe called Thorgal written by Rosinski and VanHamme. Specifically the series, The City of the Lost god. In the comic the lost god- Ogotai- takes on a Mayan-like tribe and creates a civilization based on the horror of sacrifices and the idea of eventually taking over the world. Ogotai, himself, is a survivor of an alien mission to Earth that went horribly wrong. These beings were actually humans that had left Earth much earlier. I think the concept of the comics were based on the writings of Erich von Daniken.
The other Thorgal issues that deal with Ogotai (translated from Polish-edition)
-Land of Qa
-The Eyes of Tanatloc
-The City of the Lost god


Anonymous said...

Hey Jumping Spider,

This piece is very compelling. It's one of my favorites. Your talent is just undeniable, and I wish you success. I'm an avid fan of your work.

I won't be a stranger -- at least, no more strange than I may already be.

Like you, what I perceive and what I create is normal to me. To others, screw 'em.

Take Care,

Marsupial Man

MD Encolpius said...

Hey, thank you for the kind words again Marsupial. I very much enjoyed reading your blog. But I do understand your reasons for closing it. I gotta be honest, I myself question the role of the blog in my creative process.
Anyway, keep me posted, and drop on by once in awhile. (I dictated this to my wife in my best Howard Hughes accent-please read as such)