Friday, January 4, 2008

small ink "1408" & notes from "Utopia now baby"

A civilized man, in some aspects, is a weaker man. Maybe I should rephrase it as a "good" civilized man. Any culture/civilization creates two types of men. One that plays by the rules, and the other that the rules do not apply. The latter is the representation and the first sign of the eventual collapse. The good, civilized man does not like confrontation. He relies on the system, and by it's very structure, he becomes dependant on it for support. One could say that an overly civilized being is as incapable of survival as the most primitive and ignorant man. Any culture has to be constantly improved and not premitted to exist in a self-made reality (or not aware of the outside world) of it's version of the world.


PSM said...

Yo Dude,

That's some fuckin' excellent shit. Like, you wrote some absolute truth. Bravo. You da man.

Seriously, once again you've left me speachless.

Take care,


Luke Pski said...

Awesome stuff! -- I totally agree with you.
Great art.
-Luke Przybylski