Thursday, January 31, 2008

Study for new ink "Society Hill"

In the final piece I am planning to elongate the figures more .
Also 4 things I recommend.
1. book- The best of Roald Dahl
2. cd- Vangelis "Antartica"
3. DvD- Bernardo Bertolucci's "The Last Emperor"
4. Art- Christine Sefolosha


barb michelen said...
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Dollar Kidd said...

I am assuming those dogs are Dobermans. SWEET!
that is my favorite breed. I am on my 4th.
Dillinger (after the gangster)
Colt (after the gun)
Crue (Motley Crue)Crue's pictures are at the bottom of my blog.
And now I have Cooper.

MD Encolpius said...

you are correct dollar, the dogs are Dobermans, I did not want to get to obsessed with them in just a general study, eventually I will fine-tune a bit.