Sunday, September 30, 2007

Napkin art +color

I've been doing drawings at work on napkins and these are the most recent. Having said that, I feel that I have to step away from the computer and go and work on some actual art. So, I may not post anything for a week or so, then I can got back to posting something every week as before. I know I created this blog as a showcase for my inks and drawings, but I feel there still has to be a standard- or rather a genuine feeling on my part that I'm just not "feeding the bog".


Tal said...

I like your style. It's nice.
Keep it up

Anonymous said...

I'd thought I'd let you know, I changed a few things as to avoid possibly getting into trouble: The girl was four, it was two not three, and there was a younger brother of hers who had been.. well. It definitely was one of the worst cases I ever worked.